Continuous Slab Caster Upgraded By Primetals Technologies Started Up At China Steel Corporation

- Jul 19, 2019-

In December 2018, the continuous slab caster S6 upgraded by Primetals Technologies of Taiwanese steel producer China Steel Corporation (CSC) was started up at the company┬┤s Kaohsiung plant. The project included the replacement of obsolete or redundant features via the modernization of the mold and the installation of proven technology packages. The aim was to increase flexibility, product quality and to minimize breakouts. The upgrade also considers possible additional enhancement features in future. The new technology packages worked in automatic mode from the start

Primetals Technologies equipped the caster with three new technology packages, namely the DynaWidth hydraulic mold width adjustment to allow accurate slab width change during or between casting, the Mold Expert breakout prevention and mold monitoring system to minimize the possibility of breakouts, and the DynaFlex hydraulic mold oscillation with a new frame type oscillator which gives complete flexibility over oscillation control during casting to maximize as cast product surface quality. Primetals Technologies was responsible for design and supply, and provided advisory services during erection and commissioning. New mold parts and a new frame type DynaFlex oscillator were manufactured in Taiwan by CSC-owned China Steel Machinery Corporation (CSMC).

The two-strand continuous slab caster S6 originally started up in 1996 and was equipped with a straight twin casting mold. The machine radius is around 9 meters and the metallurgical length is around 44.7 meters. It produces slabs with a thickness of 250 millimeters with widths ranging from 750 to 1,880 millimeters. Grades cast include low, ultra-low, medium and high carbon steels, peritectic, micro alloyed and high silicon steels.

China Steel Corporation (CSC) is the leading steel producer in Taiwan with an annual production of around 10 million metric tons per year. Around two thirds of the production is for the domestic Taiwanese market, the rest is exported. The CSC plant in Kaohsiung includes two BOF shops with a total of seven 2-strand slab casters and three 4-strand bloom casters. The slab casters mainly produce carbon and low alloy steels.